Lemon Waffles with Strawberry-Orange Compote

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Lemon Strawberry Waffles


These decadent — yet incredibly easy to make! — waffles are the perfect spread for Christmas morning, or any holiday brunch that you want to feel a little special. 

If you don’t have a waffle maker on hand, not to worry! You can easily pour the batter into a hot, greased non-stick pan to make pancakes.


Here’s what you’ll need for the waffles:

🍋   ½ cup Fused Lemon Olive Oil

🍋   2 eggs

🍋   2 cups all-purpose flour

🍋   1 ¾ cups milk

🍋   1 Tbsp white sugar

🍋   4 Tbsp baking powder

🍋   ¼ tsp salt

🍋   ½ tsp vanilla extract


Here’s what you’ll need for the fresh Strawberry-Orange Compote:

 🍓  3 cups of sliced fresh strawberries

🍓  ½ cups Orange & Vanilla White Balsamic Vinegar

🍓  1 cup sugar

...and optional whipping cream on top!


To make the compote: 

🌟  Place the sugar and balsamic in a heavy-duty saucepan (at least 2 quarts). Cook over medium heat, swirling occasionally until the sugar is dissolved. 

🌟  Add the strawberries and cook at a simmer until the berries begin to loose their shape, and it becomes a thick and chunky sauce. This should take about 8 minutes.

🌟  Cool to room temperature.


To make the waffles:

 🌟  Preheat a standard or Belgian waffle maker, if using it. 

🌟  Beat the eggs in a large bowl with a mixer or by hand until fluffy.

🌟  Beat in the flour, milk, Lemon Fused Olive Oil, sugar, baking powder, slat, and vanilla until just smooth.

🌟  Grease the preheated waffle maker (or pan, if making pancakes) with a non-stick cooking spray. Cook until golden brown (flip and brown the other side if making pancakes.)

 🌟  Serve with the compote drizzled on top, as well as a dollop of yogurt or whipped cream if desired!


Makes 8 standard waffles.




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