Our 5 Favourite BBQ Sauces!

It’s essential to have a good barbecue sauce on hand all summer long, no matter what — you can whip up an easy, quick, delicious weeknight dinner on a whim, with some meat on the grill and a little garden salad. Nothing special required!

But how to choose which BBQ sauce is best for your taste buds? Here are five of our favourites — and the unique flavours they bring to the grill. 

Smoked Jalapeño BBQ Sauce - Grab this one if you like a little spice! It’s made with smoked fresh jalapeños, along with cajun spices and tart apple. It’s great on any meat off the grill — and more: try it on your morning eggs, too!

Peach Bourbon BBQ Sauce - Want something a little sweet? Try this tangy sauce that’s made with the lovely flavours of fresh, ripe peaches! It’s perfect on pork, chicken, wings, and more.

Smoked Applewood BBQ Sauce - A classic flavour that goes with anything. This classic barbeque sauce has the perfect balance of smoky, tangy, spiced, and sweet — so it will pair perfectly with steak, chicken, or pork. 

Canadian Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Reach for this one if you can’t get enough of real Canadian maple! Its sweet flavour is the foundation for this sauce, and it’s combined with the rich flavour of real bourbon. A Canadian classic!

Hickory Smoke BBQ Sauce - This is the barbeque sauce for you smoke-lovers! Rich umami flavours emerge from the hickory smoke, creating a classic Southern BBQ flavour, and a total crowd-pleaser!

Happy grilling this summer! 

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