DIY your own Shrubs for cocktail season!

Shrubs are a classic, delicious, Prohibition-era cocktail (or mocktail!) — and they’re simple to whip up at home, using any fresh fruits and herbs you’d like. Here’s how to make your own homemade shrubs — along with three flavours we recommend!

Your end result will be a concentrated syrup that you pour into a glass with ice before adding a shot of your spirit of choice (gin or tequila work well — or omit this part for a mocktail!) and then top the whole thing up with soda water.




Here’s what you’ll need to make homemade shrubs:

(The ratio is easy to remember: equal parts fruit, vinegar, and sugar!)

🔹 2 cups fruit, along with a handful of fresh herbs if you have them — we recommend using produce that’s local and in season, if possible!

🔹 2 cups granulated sugar

🔹 2 cups vinegar (you can use any type of vinegar — but see our recommendations below!)

🔹 A large, very clean jar with a tight-fitting lid

🔹 A large bowl

🔹 A potato masher

How to make your shrubs:

🔸 Wash the fruit and herbs, and put them in a bowl. Lightly crush them with the potato masher to start extracting the juices.

🔸 Once the produce is softly crushed, pour the sugar over it and stir thoroughly. Then cover the bowl tightly with Saran wrap, and place it in the fridge for 48 hours — making sure to stir it up every 12 hours or so.

🔸 When it’s ready, your fruit should be very syrupy. Strain the syrup through a very fine sieve, or a cheesecloth, into the sterilized jars.

🔸 Now, pour the vinegar over the concoction. Stir it using only a very clean or sterilized spoon.

🔸 Now, cover or seal the jar tightly, and leave it in the fridge fo 72 hours for the flavour to develop.

Three delicious shrub flavours to try using the above method:

🍓Strawberry, basil, and dark balsamic vinegar 

🌿 Blackberry, thyme, and red wine vinegar

🍑 Peach, rosemary, and champagne white wine vinegar


Store this simple shrub syrup in your fridge, and you’ll find yourself reaching for it for all your cocktails and mocktails — all Spring and Summer long! Let us know if you try it!

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