Candied Jalapeños
Salt Spring Kitchen

Candied Jalapeños

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These incredible candied jalapeños are fantastic on burgers, sandwiches, tacos, and pizza! They're hot and sweet, and bring any savoury dish to the next level. Or just try them with your next charcuterie or cheese plate! 


Ingredients: Jalapeños, Apple Cider Vinegar, Spices

270 mL  |  Refrigerate after opening and enjoy within 90 days.

Handmade on Salt Spring Island.

About Salt Spring Kitchen: This small, family-run company creates incredible preserves and jams to pair with cheese and charcuterie. Their small team is committed to creating the highest-quality hand-crafted products possible, using all-natural ingredients. The lifestyle of a small BC island — hiking through cedar forests, splashing in the Pacific, and relaxing with a gorgeous mountain view — infuse every bite of these very special preserves.