The Salt Cellar: Flavoured Salt Blends
The Salt Cellar: Flavoured Salt Blends
The Salt Cellar

The Salt Cellar: Flavoured Salt Blends

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You are going to love these fantastic salt blends! They easily add big flavour to absolutely everything you whip up in the kitchen.

The Salt Cellar is a fantastic small company out of Okotoks, Alberta. They only use the freshest and high-quality ingredients in their creations, and blend everything in-house in small batches.


High Steaks: This seasoning rub boasts a complex, delicious flavour and is perfect for your barbequed steaks, chicken, and other meats.


Smokin' Guns: This bold seasoning is a powerhouse! It has heat, smoke, and a kick of lime to get your taste buds moving. Try it on any barbequed meat — or be brave and put it on your popcorn.


Canadian Bacon: Smoked salt meets 100% pure Canadian maple syrup in this delicious blend. We love it on eggs, fish, and popcorn!


Chili Sea Salt: This Thai recipe creates the perfect balance between spicy, smoky, and salty. Try it on your chopped fruit — especially mangoes, but also apples and bananas. It's amazing! Also goes well on popcorn with Butter Olive Oil.


Lime Pepper: This fantastic blend is made out of fresh, pure lime and freshly-cracked pepper. It's to die for on chicken, fish, and in guacamole!


Oh Chihuahua!: This full-bodies Mesquite smoked salt is paired with fresh lime and herbs. It's fabulous! Rub it on fish and meat, and try it on your pasta and popcorn.


Oregano Blend: Featuring fresh oregano grown in the Okanagan Valley, then blended with garlic, onion, and French Grey sea salt, this seasoning is ideal for any Greek or Italian dish.


Vintage Merlot: Savoury and rich. Perfect for soups and stews, or as a rub for meat.


Roasted Garlic: Infused with real garlic, you're going to find yourself reaching to put this salt on literally everything!


Lemon Dill: This simple and delicious seasoning is made with fresh dill, crystallized lemon, and sea salt — and it's the perfect accompaniment to fish, chicken, and grilled vegetables.


Sweet Onion & Bacon: Smoked salt and pepper and fresh garlic and onion meet bacon for a treat that's the perfect balance between sweet and savoury. Try it on your grilled or roasted vegetables, on squash, in soups, and on all your grilled meats.


Salish: This Pacific sea salt is cold smoked over Red Alderwood, and the taste is clean and delicious. It has a smoky note both on and off the barbeque, and is absolutely ideal for salmon and other fish, red meat, baked potatoes, and in creamy pasta.


Holy Smoke: This high-quality sea salt is smoked over 7 different types of wood, including Pecan and Mesquite. The result is a favour that's deep, complex, and delicious. Try it on almost anything — and you'll especially love it on meats!