Gourmet Inspiration Rubs & Seasonings
Gourmet Inspiration

Gourmet Inspiration Rubs & Seasonings

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These gourmet spice blends bring the flavours of fine dining to your kitchen — with no mess and no fuss! Simply season your meals before or after with these delicious rubs and seasonings.


Garlic Lovers Seasoning: Love garlic? Us too! You'll put this versatile seasoning to use often: mix it with mayo or sourcream for a dip, or sprinkle it into mashed potatoes. You can also mix it with softened butter to make a garlic butter — yum!

Kickin' Chicken rub: This is the perfect, zesty spice rub for your chicken! Simply rub it all over the chicken before you roast, grill, or slow cook it. It's a total crowd pleaser!

Land & Sea rub: Sprinkle this yummy seasoning onto fish and chicken before you cook it. It's also great on eggs and potatoes!

Veggie Fusion garnish & dip mix: Sprinkle this delicious spice blend onto steamed or roasted vegetables before serving them for added colour, flavour, and crunch!